It is too cold for the snow to melt.  Honest. It is fairly disgusting.

Chance and I had to go to the Post Office so we  stopped a few places to take photos.

The beach April 10

The beach April 10 water..but no swimming anytime soon.

The road home

The road home, there is a spot/approach at the top of this rise where I can pull over get out and take  photos now that the snow has left the edge of the road.

Still plenty of snow

You can see we still have plenty of the white stuff.  More is forecast for today. FUN

Chance is good company. We turn the heater up full blast and I roll down his window so he can stick his head out.  He has been known to touch the door locks and lock all the doors so the open window is kinda a safety feature when I get out of the vehicle.

I was lollygagging at the top of this rise..just appreciating the silence..when I heard a vehicle approaching and slowing down.  I hurried up and took the rest of my shots..

a big voice said “ You’re not broke down are you?”


I just taking photos.. I am just fine but thanks for checking.   Nice to have a nephew that will stop and check on his old Aunt.

Chance and I checked the snow stick because we are sure that everyone wants an update.

Ten inches of snow at the snow stick

We still have ten inches of the beautiful white crap  stuff.  This is one of the most miserable Aprils I can remember in quite a long time.  It is just not warming up.  Where is that global warming that everyone talks about?  It certainly is not in Minnesnowda:(

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