Trica’s Birthday

Trica was supposed to be born around April 1 she waited 18 more days..I went into labor the morning they scheduled to induce me.

Back in 1972 you had to have the whole works..enemas..shavings..before you could give birth.  Fathers were not allowed in the delivery rooms yet.  Far Guy paced in the Father’s Lounge, whilst I gave birth. We did not know if we were having a boy or  a girl..babies were always a surprise back then.  I thought for sure I was having a boy, Far Guy wanted a girl.  He was pleased and so was I after the surprise wore off.  I asked them twice in the delivery room if they were sure she was a girl..of course they laughed and said yes they were sure.

Remember those sitz baths..those funny tubs where your feet hung over and just your bottom went in..those sitz baths were lined up against a wall and when it was your turn you went to soak for as long as they would allow you to, visiting with all the other new mothers.

I found this old photo of Trica.  She was two years old so it would have been 1974.

Trica 1974 2yrs (2)

She wore glasses for awhile to help a lazy eye.  What a struggle it was to keep those glasses on her.  She would take them off and throw them.  She didn’t like wearing them at all.

Scan0055 (2)

This was probably about 1990, the year she graduated from high school.  She is holding Caramel, a gift from a beau.  It seemed liked every beau she had gave her a kitten.  When she went off to college we were left with two of her kittens from different beaus, Caramel and Shadow and two horses Farrah and Willow both Arabian mares.

Trica is back in school again, she is in the Nurse Practitioner program at UND and in a year she will graduate.  She is very busy with her school work and three teenagers.  Happy Birthday Trica:)

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