Yesterday we had a winter storm warning.  It snowed and blowed.  Seems it snows just about everyday. Kinda like the monsoons that we used to have every afternoon when we lived in Florida …just to bring the humidity level up a bit.   Perhaps we are having snowsoons.  Snows everyday anyway might as well have a word for it.  The snowsoons have me standing at the window watching it snow..and remarking “Looky that more snow, goody goody.”

We went out for supper..good to get out and see a couple of different faces.  She who see Robins first and my other baby brother who has been real busy joined us.

The roads were a real treat on the way home.

Snow April 18

This is what a ground blizzard look like.  The snow drifts over the road and makes it all icy and you cannot tell where the road begins and ends.


This is a corner..follow the weeds on the edge of the road…as soon as we could we got off the road and took a dirt back road the rest of the way home.

Here is the snow stick report.

Snowstick 13 inches

Thirteen inches of snow at the snow stick.  At the rate of an inch a day we are still looking at May 1st..unless it rains but it has to warm up to do that.  It is cold during the the 30’s and in the 20’s at night. Wintery.  This is the 6th month and 14th day of snow.

Most everyone I talk with is as discouraged as I am, and they cannot wait for winter to be over.  Misery loves company I least I know I am not alone:)

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