Cooking New Stuff

We cooked some new foods recently.  We seem to eat the same things in was time to add something new.   Our daughter Jen is an adventurous cook and readily shares her successes with us.

Sloppy Joe Philly Cheese Steak

brown one pound of hamburger

add onion

1/2 cup of beef stock or broth

2 Tablespoons A1 Steak Sauce

Simmer till reduced, spoon onto buns and top with cheese..I threw them in the oven to melt the cheese..they were very good and we will make them again. We only used half of the hamburger mixture, I froze the rest so we will have a quick meal in the future. Next time I will use French bead and cut out some of the center to make a nest for the hamburger will be less messy that way. I used Provolone time I will use Monterey Jack.

Far Guy is not a soup eater…but Jen made a soup that he liked.

Chicken Tortilla Soup.

I cooked up some chicken breasts until they were tender

Then add:

I can of Cream of Chicken Soup

I can of chicken broth

1 can of black beans

1 can corn

2 Tablespoons Taco seasoning ( I will reduce this amount next time)

1/2 can of green chilies

1 can of diced tomatoes..I didn’t have tomatoes so we added some salsa instead.

I did not like that stomach has compartments and corn and black beans would never ever go down together.

I make my own vegetable soup …now Far Guy can have his soup and I can have mine. We freeze individual servings. It is nice having stuff in the freezer that is easy to prepare when neither of us wants to cook, especially after I go back to work.

Next week I will make enough baked beans to last the is the last thing on my “what I need to cook before going back to work list.”

Here is the snow stick report.  It may rain tomorrow…it has to warm up to rain:)


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