Big Flakes

The snow came down in huge flakes yesterday. One day of sun is followed by one day of snow.

We went up North to visit the birthday girls and go out for lunch.  As we walked out of the restaurant someone said “Looks a lot like Christmas.” Sad but true.


The roads were terrible on the way home.  Slushy and icy.

Our weather has not been “right” up here in Minnesota since that earthquake in Japan a few years back that moved the earth on it’s axis.

13 inches of snow April 21

It didn’t warm up enough to rain.

I didn’t move the snow shovel away from the house, I didn’t pack away my parka, boots and gloves( I will need them for work)..I didn’t do anything to cause this horrid weather.

I am officially on the back to work count down. Nine days to finish up my list here at home. I am NOT looking forward to spending time in an unheated building, I hope the weather warms up a tad before May 1st..whatever the outside temperature is..that will be the temperature inside the museum.   I have an electric heater for my office but with 10 feet ceilings it takes a long time to warm up:(

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