For the birds

Ya..the weather is still for the birds..but it didn’t snow yesterday…practically a miracle..but then the sun did not shine either.

The Junco’s have arrived.

Juncos are here

In my opinion they come with the spring snow storms.  They are ground feeders and clean up under the feeders.  They are working their way north.

I was out playing ball with you know who..

Who was hiding behind a snow bank.

Chance waiting for me to throw the ball

Silly boy.

I have been stalking a male Red-Bellied Woodpecker who is very camera shy.  Yesterday a female flew in ..a hungry female.

Red Bellied Woodpecker a female

She has a spot of red above her beak and her red hood doesn’t come all the way up her head.


She is a pretty little thing..the male is larger.  Maybe they will stick around and have babies!  They are a bit north of their year round area.  I am pleased as punch to see a pair.

Far Guy moved the turkey feeding area further down along the driveway.  They were starting to come closer to the house and peck on the windows and leave presents on the patio.

One of Chance’s acquaintances a chipmunk returned and took up residence in the woodpile.  Which provides said Border Collie with hours of recreation:)

Snow Stick Report:

Almost 13 inches of snow April 22

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