Nesting Material

I bought an extra suet cage at the farm supply store.  I cut up pieces of yarn and collected some dryer fuzz for nesting material.

If nothing else it provides a spot of color in the yard.

nest materials

The next time I brush the black and white wonder dog I will add some of his fur.

Far Guy braved the snow banks and cleaned out all the Blue Bird and Chickadee houses.  If you go out when it is early morning you can walk on top of the snow banks.

Yesterday morning Chance was outside laying in front of the window when a huge Hawk swooped down and tried to grab something in the snow bank..either a bird or perhaps a mouse.   Chance and I looked at each other “Did you see that?”  The Hawk sat in a tree for a long time..switching his tail up and down..he was high in the trees so my photo did not turn out at all.  I finally went outside to see if I could get a better photo and he flew was a hawk..which one remains unknown.

We still have snow at the snow stick.

We lost an inch of snow at the snow stick yesterday.

Snow stick 8PM

The trees are absorbing heat and melting snow.  In a couple of days it is supposed to be 60 degrees..ya sure..I have to see it to believe it..maybe in town where the concrete warms up everything:)

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