Making of the May Baskets

Every year I make May Baskets to give to my great nieces and nephews on May Day.  It is a tradition.  I grew up making May Baskets to deliver to neighborhood friends young and old. make a basket and fill it with some kind of a treat..a flower or candy.  You hang it on the neighbors door knob.. knock on the door or ring the door bell if you have fancy neighbors..then run before they catch you and kiss you.

I encourage you to make just one basket to share!  You still have time.

May Baskets one

I had on hand some red plastic cups and some stickers..oh and pens..I have lots of colored sharpies.  I purchased the lime green paper because it reminds me of green grass, I cut out some hearts.  Nothing fancy just fold a piece of paper in half and cut out a pattern. I decorated the hearts and put the kids names on is always nice to get something with your name on it when you are little. I glued the hearts to the cup.  I also purchased some red chenille stems to use for handles.

May Baskets two

I used a hole punch to make some holes in the cup so I could  secure the chenille stem and form it into a simple handle.

Then I filled them with candy..and put them in a muffin tin to keep them upright until I deliver them on May Day.

Easy peasy…perfect little May Day baskets.  I hope you will join me celebrating the coming of May.   If you haven’t heard of this’s can help spread the word:)

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