Looking for open water

We took Jen and Andy through Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge yesterday.  Jen had not been there in years, and it was Andy’s first time there.  We go over there quite often, there is always something to see, it is one of our favorite drives.

Hooded Merganser

These Hooded Mergansers found a small pocket of water to swim in.

Trumpeter Swans

The Trumpeter Swans were putting on quite a show, there were another pair on a pothole nearby and they kept talking to each other.

Deer watching the Swans

There was a deer watching the swans..can you see him?  This was along the Ottertail River.


Further over on Tamarac Lake, the fisherman were out whilst the Swans were waiting for the ice to melt.


It was a beautiful day, it showed 72 degrees on our thermometer.  Andy and Noah carried the patio furniture out of the garage.  It was a pleasure to sit outside and soak up some sun!

The snow stick had a massive melt of six inches yesterday:)Snow stick 3 inches

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