The snow is melting quickly.  The fields are turning black and the ditches are full of water.


Far Guy says the snow stick is now an ice stick.


There is still an inch of “stuff” to melt.  A couple of days..or really sudden if it rains.  It hardly paid to rake and clean up the yard last fall.  The snow was so heavy that it brought down lots of twigs.

Shell Lake  April 28

This is Shell Lake.  My cousin Chuckie says that once the ice loses it’s snow cover it will be two weeks before the ice leaves the lake.  Shell Lake is getting close to being snow free..the whiter spots are still snow.  It will be touch and go to have the ice going out before Fishing Opener May 11th.

The rumor has it that the Governor will fish on the rivers if he cannot fish on area lakes:)

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