Chance: A Close Call and a Winner

It’s me!!  My turn again.  After errands yesterday we stopped by the lake to smell look around.

The sun was shining.  It was a beautiful day and 60 degrees above zero!! Straight Lake I smelled looked around.  I wandered out on the ice until Far Guy said  “ Far enough, that is as far as I want to wade.”  I wandered around..close to the edge.

Chance at Straight Lake

I got a drink, I was thirsty, and it was a warm day.  Far Side was sure I was going to end up in the water.  Then all of a sudden they were both hollering at me to “COME” as I was teetering on the edge…Far Side even put down her camera for a moment.  I didn’t fall in..cause I listened and came when called.


I wasn’t scared.  But..I learned later..that if one of those guys gets ahold of you they don’t let go.  I was getting my drink about four feet away from this guy.  He raised his head out of the water to look at smell me.

A snapping turtle

It is a Snapping Turtle..not a very big one but big enough.  WHEW..Far Side said “Let’s go.”  If you click on the first picture you might be able to see him right next to the boat ramp.

Now for the Winners!  We drove in the yard and Far Guy said “Looks like we got some winners!”

Chance declares a winner

The area voices local blog winners are Jess who guessed April 30 afternoon and Brenda who guessed April 28 afternoon.  No one guessed exactly Far Side will send them both a carving. (Brenda we still need your address..we sent you an email.)

The blogspot winner is Birthday Gal Francine at Primitive Stars she guessed the ice would be gone on her birthday!  She has had a long winter too as she lives in Winterpeg.

Congratulations to all the winners!  Far Side and I will make a trek to the Post Office tomorrow!


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  1. Karen says:

    Hi. Can’t find the posting with your photo of the fluff & yarn in a suet cage. But Thank You for the great idea. I put one in our flowering crab. What a great idea!

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