The phone rang early.  Far Guy answered..and he quickly turned the phone over to me since I had been dealing with the “mess” for months.

Someone in their infinite wisdom changed to a different computer system.  During the change only half their information was retained..I heard they lost 2 million dollars because of this “little” computer glitch.

We have been part of this glitch for months..since January.  I have talked with many people at this provider of service..a different one every month.  (I keep track of their names and the time of day I spoke with them.)

They coded something wrong.  I asked them to fix it.  They said it would take at least two months to fix..that was four months ago.  I kept calling and complaining politely.  They always said they would get back to me with an update.  No one ever called back.

Then they sent me a letter that said I was way overdue and owed them $63.  I waited on hold one day for 20 minutes and finally hung up.  Let the bums call me, eventually someone will call.

The phone caller (collector) wanted payment right now with a credit card over the phone.  Ya sure..not likely.

I asked if the problem had been solved..”What problem ?  The problem we have is you did not pay your past due bill.”   I explained and she said “WELL, I will have to go back through 135 pages to find that problem.”  I said “FINE I will wait.”

After a while she came back on the line and said “I see that problem, it has not been resolved, it is still under review. Now lets talk about your outstanding bill.”  I said “FINE when did I make my last two payments?”  She found seems that if something is under review..and you make a payment the payment goes to the oldest bill..unless you tell them different.  So I was paying part of the reviewed bill, and nothing was being applied to the other billing..which I had paid in full.   She said “Well it is your fault, you should have told us to apply your payment to the active account.”  DUH.. I said “You mean to tell me that you couldn’t have figured it out yourself?  You are wasting my time,  I don’t owe you anything ..correct?”  She had to agree.  I asked for her full name..she wouldn’t give it to me.  I said “Sounds to me like you people are real messed up calling people and telling them that they are past due on a bill that is non existent.”


Pretty Picture: Loons at the beach.

Loons at the beach

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