Last night after supper we went for a ride.  On my way home from work I saw the loons on the Mill pond.  A pair.  They mate for life..but take separate winter vacations..then meet up again in the spring to fool around and raise babies then in the fall they leave  as a group with other loons and go their separate ways for the winter.

Pair of Loons

I watched this pair for quite some time..it is magical to see them again.

Loon May 3

They are waiting at the Mill pond for the big lake to open up.


Not much chance of that happening real soon.  Usually Straight Lake has three pairs of loons.  They are very territorial..and will not share “their” part of the lake.   Usually they have laid their eggs by now and are sitting on the nest tending them.

Here is the link to the loon cam, it is not active yet but should be any day now.

It is still cold here in Minnesota. It freezes at night, and barely hits 50 degrees F during the day.  The wind has been howling the last couple of days.

With the electric heater in my office at the museum it got to 54 degrees F (12 C) today! Work is progressing at the museum.  I had some wonderful volunteers this past week! If you keep moving all day long you don’t get the bone chilling cold shivers until the end of the day.

I guess the Governor will fish on the river.  It should make the National News..Minnesota is so cold they still have ice for Opening Fishing.  One more week will tell the story:)


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2 Responses to Loony

  1. Jan - Alexandria says:

    I think the Loons have the right idea! Just headed into retirement and am questioning spending all this time together! Summer will help – with his fishing and nice weather (do you think?) so we can be out and about more. Hope to come north and check out your museum!

    • farside says:

      Congratulations on your retirement! Don’t be shy when you come by the museum! It would be nice to meet you! :)

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