Prom 2013

We were invited out for a pre-prom dinner by Savannah and her parents.

Getting ready for prom must be hungry work..she wanted to eat baby back she did.  Her Grandpa borrowed her his hooded sweatshirt so she wouldn’t get anything on her dress.

May 4 2013

Her dress was beautiful…and so is she.

the prom dress

The back of her dress was corseted..after dinner she thought maybe it should be let out a little.

The back of the dress

She went to prom with three of her best friends.

The four friends

They all walked out together during the grand march.  They are a good group of kids.

The Grand march

Savannah was a little nervous.  She said “I have been dreaming about prom for a long, long  time and now I finally get to go.  It seems so unreal.”

Trica and I enjoyed seeing all the different dresses. Every color you can think of and every style…some were the same exact style but in different colors… sparkly with a cut out back and a slit up the leg.  Far Guy commented on a few of the short dresses..”Holy Cow that dress is short.”  He was correct..and some of the real short dresses should not have been allowed to leave the store without matching pants.

The young men all looked so handsome.  Two were obviously horsemen, their western cut overcoats and hats gave them away.  Many wore white tuxedos with colored ties.  Some twirled their dates as they were center stage…and some of the more theatrical kids struck a pose.  It was fun to watch:)

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3 Responses to Prom 2013

  1. J. Reed says:

    He “borrowed her his sweatshirt”?????????

    • farside says:

      He had a T shirt on, a hooded sweatshirt and a service jacket..lots to share..versus a bib..besides that it was chilly in the restaurant! :)

  2. Karen says:

    Beautiful dress. I love the back of it. I’ve been at the Olive Garden when students came in dressed up. It’s a sight to see. Oh, to be young again.

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