Confirmation 2013

Fourteen years ago a tiny baby was baptized.  Our first Grandson.


And then he grew…and grew…

Hansom Tall guy

Into this handsome very tall and still growing guy that affirmed his faith In Jesus Christ!  Baptism day to Confirmation day…how time flies.

Confirmation Sunday was yesterday.  We got up early and traveled north..along with  potato salad in a cooler.  After Confirmation it is customary to have a lunch.  We had home made buns with ham and cheese, fruit, vegetables, potato salad, chips, nuts, mints, and cake.  A perfect lunch for 21 people. ( A ice cream pail of potato salad will feed them all with just a tiny bowl left over.)

Noahs Confirmation Day Great Grandparents

Noah and his Great Grandparents (my parents)

Noah and Jen May 5 2013

Noah and his Mom..I think I will frame this one.  I love the love that they have for each other and it really shows in this photo!

He wanted me to take a reflection photo in his really cool sunglasses so I did.

Noah reflection in his sunglasses

He is growing up..not only taller.. so fast.  It is almost scary for this Grandma.

There was some discussion about his hair.  His Mother thought perhaps he should get a haircut for confirmation.  He  told me he liked his hair just the way it was..and so did I.

One cool dude

If you ask me he looks like one cool dude:)

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