Wistful Wednesday: Uncles

My Dad had eleven brothers.  They are all deceased.  My Dad and my Aunt Anna are the last remnants of their generation.Oscar and Ervin 1931 Model A

These are two of my Dad’s brothers.  Oscar and Ervin.  The automobile is a 1932 Model A and it belonged to another brother Wilbert.  My Dad said “That is Wilbert’s shed in the background.”

My Uncle Oscar (John Oscar to be exact) farmed in Minnesota a few years.  He was adventurous and headed out west and lived in Montana and Idaho most of his adult life.

My Uncle Ervin was a farmer that could bake better bread than any woman in the country..because he grew up being the bread baker for his Mother and his 13 brothers and sisters.

I wonder who took the photograph:)

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  1. Karen says:

    It really was Wistful Wednesday. I write for our small Rural newspaper. On Wed. I was working on an article for this Sept. about my Dad & his brothers (all deceased). I had 3 uncles Eric, Charlie and Oscar. Quirky!
    p.s. I *love* your blog. It makes me feel good. You always have something interesting to say and take beautiful photos. Have a great day.

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