Sunset and Clouds

Most people think that Minnesota has mountains.  I suppose because Little House on the Prairie was filmed in California where there are mountains.

Minnesota has some hills and some cliffs along rivers and the North Shore..but no mountains.

We have hills nearby called The Smoky Hills.  I grew up in their shadow.

Smoky Hills

Sometimes the clouds at sunset makes it seem like there are mountains.

Clouds look like mountains

Chance and I spent some time watching the sunset on Tuesday evening.  He is good company..I let him hang his head out the window.  Dogs are so easy to please.

Sunset clouds

It was a beautiful sunset.

The best part of the sunset was like molten lava along the Shell River.

Sunset on Shell River May 7

Probably the best photograph I have taken in a while.  I was real pleased with it.

I was happy, and relaxed..I had the whole dirt road to myself…no traffic…no one to stir up the dust and mess up my photographs.  I could drive down the middle of the road slowly…and stop wherever I wanted.  I passed the river once looking for wildlife…when I turned around in the middle of the road and headed back the sunset was perfect.  Sometimes the best photographs are not planned they just happen:)

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  1. Katrina says:

    Check this out re: mountains in Minnesota. They are low, but they ARE called mountains.
    The point of Minnesota’s topography is that it has three important watersheds which flow to the Arctic, the Atlantic, and the Gulf of Mexico. Try some drives inland from the North Shore and north of Grand Marais.

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