Feeling Icky

The cold temperatures in the museum finally caught up with me and I have a terrible sore throat (felt like I had razor blades in my throat) cold, cough, headache and feel like I have been through the wringer several times.   Far Guy caught it from Miss Paige and then he shared with me..I thought I might escape..no such luck..I got the fever on Saturday at work.  It must be a virus because I am on antibiotics already and have been for some time.

Three weeks ago I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease, apparently undiagnosed for some time.  I am feeling a whole lot better  since I started the medication (Doxycycline) for treatment.  I will most likely need 60 days of medications perhaps more.  I take the medication twice a day..and it must be taken with food..or you suffer the worst nausea ever ( think seasickness).  I am thankful that the medication has taken some of the horrid aches and pains away.  My Doc says it will be a long recovery and is watching me closely.  She says that going back through my records that I must have had it for at least 18 months..my complaints of feeling tired and achy were put off to “old age” by my last Doctor who is no longer in the area.  My new Doctor ran about every blood test available and found the Lymes and a Vitamin D deficiency.

Such is life when you live in Minnesota.  No, I do not remember when I got a tick..we have ticks..they are all over in the woods.  If you get a tick you pull it off and life goes on.  Far Guy had Lymes a year ago..his Doctor treated him with antibiotics right away.  My brother had one of the fancier tick diseases anaplasmosis or ehrlichiosis…and he recovered.

I am sure I will recover also..it will just take time.

The ice is finally off area lakes and the farmers are in the fields:)IMG_7455

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4 Responses to Feeling Icky

  1. Dale says:

    Hope you heal up fast and can enjoy the good weather ( finally ). Frost Saturday and Sunday morning and 92 degrees on my way home today. What a change.
    What blood test do they do for Lyme disease ?

  2. Judy says:

    Lyme — double yuk! Just keep working at feeling better. Get plenty of rest, take your vitamins, etc. I’m sorry you have that to deal with. Keep us posted, okay.

  3. Karen says:

    Hope your cold makes a hasty retreat. Sorry to hear you have Lymes. I *love* watching deer in our yard, but always worry about the dogs and us. 1 dog has an autoimmune disorder and can’t be immunized.
    Sounding so optimistic about treatment, you’ve taken some of the fear out of it.
    Take care.

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