Aunt Senia

My Aunt Senia died last Friday.  She was 95 years old.  She led a good life until the last five years.  She has been in the Nursing Home for some time.  For a long time she would know you..or she would ask “Who are you?”  Prompting you to say your name and recognition would dawn on her face and you would get a hug..and she would be so happy to see you!  The last time I saw her there was no recognition on her big smile and hug.

It is difficult for me to mourn the death of someone who had a full and active life.  She was more than ready to leave this earth.   I am grateful that she was a good Christian woman who knew she was saved by grace and grace alone.  So I cannot be sad.

Senia was married to Wilbert; my Dads oldest brother.

Uncle Wilbert and Aunt Senia

Uncle Wilbert and Aunt Senia

Uncle Wilbert died in 1990, my Aunt Senia was very lonely, they had been married 54 years.  I visited with them often enjoying cookies, coffee and conversation when my Uncle was alive, and the visits continued after his death.  Aunt Senia had quite a sense of humor and I enjoyed visiting with her.

Life goes on..widows are pursued…she was a good cook and homemaker.  At the age of 78 she remarried.  She took good care of Ralph..until he died.

They lived on the way to the raspberry patch.  I stopped there with fresh raspberries for them.  She was thrilled..probably not so much with the raspberries but with company.  One summer she had a garage sale..I bought her pickle dishes.

She would be at the family picnic in the summer and at the Christmas Party that the cousins have for Uncles and Aunts every December.

Aunt Senia

We went to the visitation at the Funeral Home.  I am just not feeling up to attending the funeral today.  I have given my condolences to my cousins.

The funeral home had a wonderful photo presentation with many old photographs.  I enjoyed it very much..however Far Guy and I both thought that the somber piano background music should be replaced with rock and roll oldies when it comes our time to go:)

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