Wistful Wednesday : In Laws

I ran onto an old photo yesterday.  Taken 1976… There was a family gathering in the summer.  My Aunt who used to live in Washington was home for a visit and almost the entire family gathered for a picnic at my parents resort.

The In Laws in my Dad’s family.  My Grandfather with his son and daughter in laws.

Most are gone..but there are a few left.

The Outlaws

Back Row: Aunt Violet, Aunt Lila, Uncle Stanley, Uncle Otto, Aunt Sharon, Aunt Grace

Front Row: Aunt Jenny, Aunt Senia, My Grandfather, My Mother Madeline, Aunt Mia

There were two Aunts missing from the photo: Aunt Joan and Aunt Eleanor.

Those still with us are Aunt Lila, Aunt Sharon, Aunt Grace and My Mother.

One by one this generation is leaving us behind.

When I look at this group..I remember mostly..bingo, hunting, apple strudel, black coffee, flat bread, chicken and dumplings,cookies of all shapes and sizes..and from my Grandfather the smell of moth balls on his wool clothing and the taste of the pink peppermint candies that he used to carry in his pocket…good memories all:)

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