There was a wildfire about twenty miles south and east of us.  It started on Tuesday afternoon.  The wind was horrid, gusting to 45 MPH.  The fire travelled fast.

The first indication as we left home

As we left home you could see a cloud of smoke.

Wildfire one

We drove the back roads …having heard that some roads were closed.

We did not want to be in the way..but we  wanted an idea where the fire was and I wanted to take some photographs.  We only met one fire truck.


This was a crowning fire..the Pine trees heat up and then they go “whoosh” and are totally engulfed in flames.

I was in a crowning forest fire only once in the 1990’s..it is scary and you can hardly breathe the smoke is so thick.  I asked Far Guy if he knew the way to the lake, he didn’t so I pointed in the direction of the lake and said if we get separated and the fire turns ..it is that way and I will meet you in the lake.  I was never so happy to get out of a fire..I coughed for days.  We were in the forest when they dropped the airplane tankers of water..that is something to see.  Someone said they saw fish flopping around..what a strange site to see in the middle of a forest fire.

Anyways..I am way to old to fight anymore fires..it is really hard work.

Wildfire two

We were about three to four miles away from this fire.  We never got into the smoke at all.

Wildfire three

The winds were strong from the west and north west.   The area in the path of the fire was evacuated.   Highway 40 where we took these photos from turns a bit south up where those red buildings are on the right.  We didn’t go any further.

Wildfire south of Park Rapids

12 homes and 45 out buildings were lost in the wildfire.  It is being called the Green Valley Fire, it started in Becker County in Green Valley Township and moved into Hubbard and Wadena County.

Firemen are still out there, the fire is 25% contained as of last night.  Us “gawkers” have stayed away..when it rains over the weekend we may go for a drive..by then it should be completely contained and the firemen and their equipment will be gone.  There is plenty of time for more photographs..it will be black for awhile.  I believe about 7,500 acres burned, no loss of human life has been reported however a number of dogs and cats perished ( Mostly because their owners were at work when the fire reached their homes.)

I hope it rains soon:)

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  1. kmarkon says:

    Similar fire here in NW Wisconsin about 30 miles from where I live. 9000 acres burned and about 40 structures destroyed. Thankfully no injuries or loss of life.

  2. Karen says:

    How scary. Glad no human was hurt. But feel awful to think of cats & dogs trapped in their homes.

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