Chance: What a week

Far Guy dropped me off at the groomer one morning..I stayed all day because Far Side was home napping and getting over her virus. Far Guy worked for her at the museum.  She said she missed me..but I am not so sure about that. She said “Look at what a pretty boy you are and you smell better too!”Handsome dog

Then Far Guy got really sick, there was lots of commotion..and hollering ( Yes were are going to the ER or I am calling the rescue squad..No you aren’t..that kinda made me run in circles between them) finally Far Side got everything under control, she made me a bowl of food, plopped it down on the floor and said “Stay home and eat.”   Four hours I laid there at that dish. There was no one to throw my ball for me or say “Good Boy Good Boy” while I ate. They finally returned and I ate all gone.

Far Guy was feeling much better..he said he would live, and he was glad Far Side did not drop him off in the ditch on the way to the hospital like he requested.   They gave him all kinds of Meds in the ER because he got a secondary infection trying to fight off that nasty virus.

I went to the Vet and got my yearly shots, I have one small problem..I have a stye in my eye so I get “stuff” in my eye a couple times a day…other than that I am good to go.

Far Guy has some problems too.  Far Guy has to call Far Side at work and report how he is feeling and if he took his medication and if he is drinking fluids..and she tells him when to lay down and rest and when exactly to call her again.  So far it is working..he is cooperating and getting better.

Far Side however is exhausted…that why I am blogging :)

Tracking a chippy

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3 Responses to Chance: What a week

  1. Katrina says:

    Boy, Chance, I hope everyone and everything calms down at your house. It sounds like a very tough time there. By the way, you look sparkling clean and handsome!

  2. Dale says:

    Sounds like Chance the Wonder Dog may have to take care of both of you . Take it easy and take care……………………………………..

  3. Natalie says:

    Always love hearing from you, Chance! I think you did a great job at staying home and taking care of things while Far Side and Far Guy got all better. I’m sure they were very impressed!
    You look terrific, by the way!

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