Dakota RIP

The grand girls dog died on Wednesday May 15th.

Dakota was a Sheltie and they got her when they lived in Illinois.


She must have been about twelve years old.  She didn’t do “old age” well, she suffered many strokes and had a problem with her thyroid.  We saw her several weeks ago, she looked terrible, her eyes were as dull as her coat, she looked miserable.  She nuzzled my hand and wagged her tail..I wished her a pain free journey and hoped she would go to the Rainbow Bridge soon.

When Trica and her family lived with us..Dakota would come and lay her head in my lap and stare up at me when she had to go out.  Sometimes I would holler at Maddie to take her out..Maddie would say “How do you know she has to go out Grandma?” I would answer  “Cause she told me.”  We kept track of her thyroid medication on the calendar, and would usually hide the pill it in a small slice of cheese. Some dogs do fine on that medication..Dakota just seemed to get more cranky.

Dakota tolerated Chance..but she didn’t like him very much.  She didn’t like other dogs. Sometimes she would growl and snarl at them..so you would have to tell her to “Knock it off.”  She snapped at a few children in her younger years..and would bite the bottom of the girls pants trying to herd them. I never trusted her around small children that she didn’t know..sometimes she was very protective over her girls.  She loved to be brushed and petted, and would always nuzzle your hand to get your attention to pet her.

Sanvannah and Dakota Easter Sunday 2009

Savannah and Dakota in 2009

Grands 2004

Here she is behind all the Grands in 2004 ( Their Grandpa made them all walking sticks.)

The grand girls grew up with Dakota or “Kota” as they called her, they loved her…she will be missed:)

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3 Responses to Dakota RIP

  1. Steve says:

    We just lost our dog after 14 years, I know how sad you must be, as we are..
    We love our dogs..

    • farside says:

      I am so sorry. As pet owners we know that they day will come but it is never easy:(

  2. Miki says:

    Am catching up on your blog… sorry about the loss of your grandchildren’s dog. It’s so hard to lose someone you love so much.

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