Some Blues

It was a long week.

Last night I spent some time sitting outside in the yard listening to the thunder up north.  It was almost a constant rumble..Chance even deserted me.


Yes the Burr Oaks are still skeletal looking.  They have tiny buds…they take forever to leaf out.

IMG_7676 I love how the light plays on the was going north of us.

The woods was alive with bird song, the Loons down on the lake were calling to each other.  The Gold Finches were singing like there will be no tomorrow.  Robins flitted in and out of the yard, the Chickadees were dee dee deeing, and then there was a squawk. A flirt

This guy was being a flirt…he strutted his stuff…

Blue jay

Finally the lure of the suet was just too much…

Lure of the suet was to great

See how tiny the buds are on the oaks?

Tiny buds on the oaks

The Blue Jays don’t come into the yard too often..this is the first time I have gotten decent photographs of them!  I would say it was patience..but I know better..I was just too tired to get out of the chair.

I hope to get caught up on some rest today!

Far Guy is feeling a bit better..not perfect..but better:)

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