Sunday Drive

We went for a drive yesterday to see the area burned in the wildfire last week.   Quite by accident we happened upon the spot where it might have started.  I am not a Fire Investigator..but if I was I would check this area out. Green Valley Township

Some spots were still smoldering even though we got rain overnight.

first area burned fast

The first area burned fast, just burning the underbrush.  There was a house back in here about a quarter of a mile that I am not sure.

That was the case all along as we drove on..especially further into the fire times it was well over a mile wide.   Houses with steel roofs survived..I don’t know if that is a coincidence or if by that time enough fire departments had been called in to protect structures.  The Cedar Shake roofs didn’t fare so well.

The fire got hotter

In the pines the fire crowned ..some people said that the wind carried flames over a half a mile.

It smelled terrible.  Well.. just  like a forest fire.

twin Lakes Road where it goes from green to burnedI took this out the window, over on Twin Lakes Road where it goes from green to black where the fire raged through.

We went into town and did some errands.  In the stores you could tell lots of fire people/firefighters had been through..they left the smell of soot in the stores.  More than 50 fire departments mostly Volunteer Fire Depts. fought the blaze.  It was 80 % contained on Saturday..some hot spots were still in the area..a peat bog was burning and piles of timber..but we got rain yesterday afternoon a good soaking rain.

Some people still have those burn containers..they use old barrels to burn papers and their household garbage.  To cheap to use the county dumps and too lazy to recycle.  To stupid not to burn or weld on a windy day in dry spring weather.

Just for the record, I have no idea how this fire started.  I have seen fires start in crazy ways..the catalytic converters in cars parked in tall grass, cars that start mysteriously on fire after they have been stolen, flaming rolls of toilet paper thrown from vehicles, little kids with matches, burn barrel fires that sent sparks elsewhere and unattended campfires, oh and one time I saw a dock start on fire during a fireworks display:(

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