We have company for a bit.  Chance too!

Chance has company

Little Elvis and Miney brought their boys.

The parental units hadn’t been gone an hour when we had our first casualty.

First Weekend Casulty

Someone’s Grandparents took them to the candy store and somebody had a lose tooth, so the tooth came out.  I guess when you are eleven that happens.  It was an Now and Later Long Lasting Apple Flavored Chew that was responsible.

We have a Candy Store in Town called Kissin’ Cousins.  All the grands love that store.  It was interesting to see what they picked out.  Did you know they make a candy in the shape of Legos?   Adam says they taste kinda like Sweet Tarts. What did I pick out..why licorice pipes of course…my favorite…and some Jelly Beans..coconut and pear and peach..summer flavors!

A long time ago, that candy store was purchased and staffed by one family all summer long. It is only open from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend.  The store was bought for the sole purpose of employing family members during the summer and ultimately putting a whole bunch of kids through college.  Sweet:)

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