Wistful Wednesday :1952

Another wonderful photo of me when I was little.  This one was taken 61 years ago.

Connie 1952 number 3

Connie June 1952

My Mother must have taken this photo.  It was taken at my maternal grandparents farm.  That is the grainery behind my head and off to the left is the chicken coop..I can see chickens out there..and a woodpile. The outhouse with the two seater was off to the left.

There was a circular driveway, it circled past the house, by the pump house, past the grainery and then by the garage and down the lane. Cars would be lined up there every Sunday afternoon.

You could walk to Grandpas huge garden which was way past the chicken coop.  You had to watch where you stepped with or without shoes going past the coop. When I was really little they had a garden up near the house.  Grandpa must of thought the soil was better elsewhere.

Grandpa always liked it when I walked down to the garden, the rows were perfectly straight and the aisles between the rows weedless..and it was a huge garden.  He must have spent hours everyday in the garden.

We used to have vegetable gardens.  This year Far Guy has two tomato plants in buckets in the little red wagon.  It is easier to cart them around should the weather turn nasty.  He also has two tomatoes planted out back in his “garden.”  “Garden” consists of a few raspberry plants and two tomatoes.

I never could grow rhubarb.  I was at a garage sale last week and they were giving it away so I chopped it up and froze some for next winter.

Sometimes you don’t have to have a garden to get produce..you just have to be at the right place at the right time:)

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  1. Dale says:

    My Mothers tip for cooking with Rhubarb was that if it called for 2 cups sugar you should use 4 cups. Her pie was the best ever !!!!!!!!

  2. Karen says:

    Love your last line.

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