Bath time

Chance and I were entertained by an American Redstart.  Look at him! He is poised almost like a high diver!

Redstart checking out the bird bath

He checked out the birdbath…it must be Saturday night?  When I was little we bathed on Saturday night so we would be good and clean for church on Sunday morning. Yesiree we bathed once a week whether we needed it or not.

Water splashing all over

Water was splashing all over.  I was laughing and Chance was looking at me like I was nuts, he of course spends much time surveying his he is used to the bathing birds activity.  I think he is a little jealous..his pool is still in the grain bin.

Drying off

The little Redstart had a blast!  I watched to see if I could spot a female American Redstart..I think I saw one but didn’t get her photograph.  Perhaps she is shy.

How did we survive with just one bath a week ?  In the summer we went swimming or played water games in the yard squirting each other with the hose.  I was in third grade before we got a real bath tub and toilet (Yay!!!!) in the house.  After that we took more baths.  Nowadays we would never think of missing a daily shower/bath:)

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  1. Karen says:

    When I was growing up Sunday was bath time. Then my Mom would put those awful pink rubber curlers in my hair and I’d watch Bonanza with my Dad.

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