Long Week

It has been a long week, the programs at the museum seem to take up a lot of my time.  Making sure all the t’s are crossed and the i’s have dots.

Both programs were well attended this week.  We received good comments both days. Chance was the official greeter for “Flag Day” yesterday…he did an excellent job!

This week I met some new people, helped out with some research and organized a few things.  Cleaned some..dusted some..answered the phone and questions.

Google called numerous times this week wanting the museum to take out an ad.  I keep pressing two to be removed from their list.  I accidently left the phone off the hook after pressing two to be deleted yesterday..I was wondering why it was so quiet for over an hour..it seems I forgot to hang up the phone.  Oh well.

I managed to make an non friend when I was asked to appraise a piece of land that had ancient burial grounds.  I said a bunch of dead bodies wouldn’t necessarily make his land more valuable.  I referred him to one of the Tribe offices.  He wanted to know if someone on my staff couldn’t just pop out a number for him..ha ha ha staff.

Someone else was downstairs and came up shivering and asked why I didn’t turn up the heat?  “What heat would that be?” I asked.

I made up a batch of brochures to take to the Chamber office.  Two days later in the mail I got a critique of my brochure by a new business in the area..they felt they could do a better job and they were sure that their consulting fee and the printing would be well within the advertising budget.  (Little do they know that I have no advertising budget..I am lucky to have ink and heavy cardstock.)

This week we did get some good news/bad news.  We got a grant to purchase some UV filters for the windows in the Military Room.  The bad news is that we only got half of what we asked for..so I will have to try to come up with donations someplace else to make up the difference..either that or the project will have to wait another year.

It ain’t easy working for a non-profit.

A pretty picture of a pink pansy:)


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