Iris and area news

My Mom’s Irises are in full bloom.


No wonder my eyes are all itchy.

Iris with pollen

The buds are covered in is just about everything else.  It rained a bit last evening just enough to settle the dust.


There was a bit of a rainbow amongst the smoke that was in the air.

Little fire

Someone started a fire with some accelerant..maybe some old tires on the old Jack and Ella McGrane place. I used to love to visit this pretty little farm with the stucco brown two story house with the big porch that faced east and was always in the shade of huge Oak trees.  Their Granddaughters were my favorite playmates. There isn’t much left there that resembles that old old white shed is all that remains.  There isn’t even a footprint left of where the house used to be…but I know right where it was.  I can almost taste the Kool-Aid and the cookies and feel the cool breeze on that porch.IMG_8593

It was such a cold spring that many of the potato fields are empty.  The seed potatoes rotted in the ground because it was too cold.  Some of the fields were dug up again..but it is getting a little late to plant anything. Long French Fries in a box may be going up in price…who knows what the potato plant in town will do…it employs lots of people…perhaps they will transport in potatoes from other areas.

What crops are in are slow growing except for the small grains.  The corn will have to grow some to be knee high by the 4th of July:)

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  1. Karen says:

    Have you ever considered writing a novel? When I read your descriptions of the past I can almost imagine a novel. You really have a lovely way of describing things.

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