She and he and what I see

She walks to work every morning, head bent as she walks.  I can tell if I am running late by where I see her on the opposite side of the road. Last week she wore her red rain coat and her head was bend down even further..she must like to watch her feet. She doesn’t look very happy..but then most mornings I probably don’t either.  I know where she goes and I know what she does when she gets there.

On to “Adonis” who rides his bike on good days, shirtless.  As the summer progresses he will bronze just like a statue.  I think “I wonder when he will get skin cancer?”  I watched him all last summer.  Some days he walks..his shirt dragging along on the ground like a runway model.  He is easy on the eyes. Sometimes as I approach him he runs his fingers through his long hair.  I wonder where he goes and what he does when he gets there.

I see the new foal that was born last spring.  Most mornings he/she is all stretched out snoozing in the pasture.  He/she has really long legs. He/she makes me smile.

I watched a field of trees become farmland, first they ripped out the trees and stacked them up to burn, then they removed the stumps..and tilled the soil.  Soil that had not been turned in 50 years. Big farmers getting bigger..small farmers disappearing.

I watch the garage sale signs go up at the end of each week.  One lady has a perpetual sale going on..and has nothing but junk that no one wants..perhaps she is senile.

I see the spot in the road where a drunk driver burned to death in his car a few years ago.  The asphalt got so warm it melted and it created an everlasting reminder… slow down and for goodness sake call for a ride home if you insist on drinking.   He struck another car and screamed all the while he burned to death…the young man he collided with also died.

On an average I meet 33 vehicles on my way into work every morning.  I have 14 miles to drive, that is 2.3 vehicles per mile on an average.  Most mornings I can drive the first four miles without meeting a vehicle.  The only traffic jams we have is when a farmer is moving a tractor from field to field:)


Painted Daisy

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