July 1

I will be glad when the 4th of July is over.  Here in Minnesota people seem to hurry from here to there trying to cram as much summer in as they can before the 4th.  The traffic is horrid… even way back in the boonies.  After the 4th it seems to slow down every week until we get back to normal in August when school starts in other States.

I won’t miss the weekenders who let their dogs run loose. The idiot out on the lake who roars around in his speed boat has returned.  I heard the Loons today..in between speed boat sounds…or maybe they were protesting the speed boats.  The windows are open at night..and I am awakened by the pop pop BOOM of firecrackers and Chance hides in the bathroom.  He needs a Thunder shirt..heck..I need a Thunder shirt too!

Far Guy says we have entered the “Grumpy Old Fart” stage.  Maybe we have.

Far Guy took out his kayak yesterday.



A gaggle of Canada Geese were on the lake.

Later we went out for supper and a ride. Chance had to stay home it was too hot to leave him in the car.

Coyote in the bean field

Saw a coyote heading out into the bean field across from our driveway.

We went to check the White Lady Slipper.. it was sad.

White Slipper June 23

White Slipper beheaded

One week from a bud to chomped off by a browsing tick machine.  We have watched this same Lady Slipper get mowed off the past several years.  We always hope it will escape the deer.  We will still keep our eyes open for the White Lady’s Slippers…they usually bloom just after the Showy Lady’s Slippers.  There is hope that we will see one of them bloom this year but we are not holding our breath:(

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  1. Deb says:

    We have a thunder shirt for our rescued mini schnauzer. It really does work!

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