It was warm yesterday 86 F or 30 C .  And humid.  We were invited to the neighbors for supper.  Another night of no cooking. Yay!  Pork burgers and potato salad yum!!

Smoky Hills are smoky

The Smoky Hills were real smoky..when humidity hangs in the air they take on a smoky appearance.

Humidity and a deer

We saw a deer.  If she had a fawn it was well hidden.

We heard from a fellow woodcarver today that she had a double Lady’s Slipper near the end of her drive.

I took some photos of it as a reference just incase we want to carve a double.  Far Guy is still carving single Lady’s Slippers, he carves them to donate to silent auctions at local benefits.

Double Ladys Slipper

What I look for is how the one stem splits off to make two smaller leaves and then two flower buds.  It might not seem like a big deal but woodcarvers are a meticulous bunch. As you can see the flowers are coming to an end in the warm weather.

Perfect slippers

I managed to find an almost perfect single.   This one might be notecard worthy:)

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3 Responses to Warm

  1. karen craib says:

    It is notecard worthy.

  2. MotherMaier says:

    Indeed, a gorgeous photo! I’m a flower lover and you capture them so artistically in your photos. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. isobel fields says:

    I love the puctures. I carved for a number of years and you are right carvers are a meticulous group.

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