Dragonfly Buddies

Minnesotans love Dragonflies.  Why?  Because they eat mosquitoes. They can eat their weight in mosquitoes in 30 minutes.  Impressive hunters..welcome to Minnesota!

jen and a dragonfly hair ornament

They landed in some peoples hair looking like hair jewelry.gene and a Dragonfly

They even like bald landing strips. Andrew and a dragonfly

My what big eyes they have ..with thousands of lenses which allow them to see almost all the way around. All the better to hunt down mosquitoes! We love dragonflies! Adam and a Dragonfly

Sometimes a little boy makes a new friend, or becomes less afraid of flying bugs.

Most of the dragonflies we saw out on the lake were huge compared to other years.  That must be because they have a big job to do. They were also very friendly!  The mosquitoes are horrid…with all the rain we have had they are just awful. No one in their right mind can stand being out after dark unless they are covered in bug repellant:(

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  1. Karen says:

    People in their right minds have a hard time going out in the day without repellant. The bugs are awful. We had 1 1/4 ” of rain yesterday. They’ll only get worse.

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