Roses and Hearts

We visited Living Legacy Gardens near Staples Minnesota recently.

They had some very impressive roses.


This one was not marked.  It is some kind of hardy rose to withstand our winters.  The foliage was nice too.

George Vancouver

This one is part of the Explorer Series it is called George Vancouver.  That is one stem with all those a bouquet!  I was impressed with the blooms but not with the foliage. The foliage had blackspot and looked sparse and not real pretty.

The Bleeding Hearts were still blooming.

Bleeding Hearts

Dicentra spectabilis

White Bleeding Hearts two

Dicentra spectablis ‘Alba’

The Tall Garden Phlox will be in bloom in a few weeks and all their Lilies were heavy in bud.  The gardens have something blooming all summer.  All the work is done by volunteers. It is a great place to visit but they have a bumper crop of skeeters this summer. Much like the rest of Minnesota:(

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