Rainy Day

Our rainy day was a good day to rest up and relax.  We watched a new show Whodunnit on ABC online. We enjoyed two installments and plan to watch more..we do not get ABC because we are supposed to get it with an antennae..go figure. (Direct TV versus local TV rules)

A chipmunk invaded the area behind the bottle gas cylinder of the grill.  Chance trapped him there and kept watch and barked intermittently for several hours..his very own special kind of rainy day entertainment.

Late in the afternoon we traveled a bit North to meet our soon to be seventeen year old grand at Dairy Queen and then we came home, I cooked supper we ate and I had a two hour nap..I just could not keep my eyes open after supper.

The clouds hung heavy in the air and it rained all day long.

57 Chevy

We saw another 57 Chevy a different color than last week, this one was ivory( Adobe Beige) and a copper color (Sierra Gold).  Far Guy and I had a big discussion about paint colors of old cars. We decided that this old guy..he was about 70 must have had one this color when it was brand new..either that or he always wanted one and he didn’t care what color.

Clouds hanging in the Smoky Hills

The Smoky Hills have lived up to their name all summer long, usually blanketed with humidity.  Today it looked like steam was rising from the river.

There were raindrops on my roses.

Raindrops on roses

And mosquitoes on my legs and trying to fly in my ears and up my nose:)

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