Date Night at the Fair

Every year we have a date night the week of the County Fair.  We go into town and find the Pork Producers Stand and order up pork burgers.  They we look around for French Fries and Cheese Curds and a Coke. ( I ate greens for lunch)  Oh clogging up your arteries good food, I do not have high cholesterol but Far Guy does if he doesn’t take his medication.

Expo Wheel

We walked around the midway and Far Guy bought a Grape Sno Cone.

Times have changed when a Grape Sno cone comes in a plastic cup..what happened to the white paper cup with the picture of the frozen mountain and the snowflakes?IMG_9955

A red cup and red kinda tasted like grape but not the old fashioned grape.  A long, long time ago Joyce’s family sold Sno cones and they harvested their own grapes and made their own grape syrup…it was purple..and the best Sno cone flavor Far Guy has ever just can’t get the same flavors from store bought:)


A 4-H project!

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