Preacher’s Grove Wedding

The wedding was at Preacher’s Grove in Itasca State Park.  Preacher’s Grove is one of the oldest stands of Pine Trees in Minnesota.

Preachers Grove

The weather was perfect.  It turned cooler overnight and the bugs were not too bad under the old growth pines.  The ceremony was held in an open spot under the pines.


Hands clasping a book, grasping, pointing and hands about to be united in marriage. The ring bearer was quite young and he was easily distracted!

Wedding July 20

The brides flowers.

The kiss

The newly married couple.


These are three of the brides four brothers.

Martin Carl and Andy

They were the cooks for the lunch following the ceremony.. BBQ Pork and Chicken.  That is our son in law Andy on the right.  I am not quite sure how their mother survived their growing up years..but she did.  Being a very patient person and Pastor’s wife probably helped.  Now her youngest child is married and she can concentrate on being a Grandma:)

Sheila and Zach

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  1. Karen says:

    What a beautiful place for a wedding.

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