Wistful Wednesday: Windmill Gardens

In the fall of 1998 we cleared the spot for the first greenhouse and built what is now my garage, but back then it was retail space.  It was nip and tuck getting the bows for the greenhouse up on Thanksgiving weekend.  We retreated to Florida for the worst of the winter in our camper.  We  planned to build a house..that would come in due time.

My Dad gave us an old Butler Grain Bin so we would have someplace dry to store the chain saw and our tools.  The grain bin also covered up our well.  A greenhouse needs water so we had a hydrant put right inside the greenhouse.

Looking back..we must have been nuts.  But we made it work.  It was work.  Hard work.

July 2000 two

July 2000

This entire area was woods.  The trees were cut and stacked. Brush was removed along with poison ivy. (You have to have light for a greenhouse.)  The stumps were grubbed out and burned.  My Dad built us a road and a parking lot.  The greenhouse in the photo was attached to the retail area (the green steel building..now my garage.)   Perennials for sale were on pallets and benches.  We began some perennial gardens and a vegetable garden.  We were either weeding, watering or trimming something all day long. For a number of years we also sold trees and shrubs. We were open for business from May 1 to October 1st.

2000 Gene and Connie

We grew “stuff” real good.

We made the decision to close the business in the spring of 2008.   I have not regretted that decision.  Sometimes you just know when it is time to move on in a different direction.

The gardens 2013

I took this photo a few nights ago.  The gardens are “wild” now. Unorganized and weedy.  Perennials still poke through the weeds here and there especially in rainy years.  My greenhouse was sold.  Far Guy still has his greenhouse (the white building behind the sauna) he uses it for a wood shop.  The grain bin remains..I hardly ever go in there…I believe it is a wood storage area for wood to be used in wood carving…and other really important “stuff.” The Pine tree that we saved back in 1998 died last summer..the drought stressed it out.

At one time we had three greenhouses back in here.  One was mine for annuals, one for perennials and Far Guys for native plants and vegetable sets.  We still have old customers who say they miss our flowers and that no other greenhouse in the area carries the plants that we grew.

I don’t have any plants in pots to water anymore, I do not buy plants and rarely go into a greenhouse. (If I do visit a greenhouse I have a hard time with plants that have bugs and plants that need water.)  Far Guy has a couple of tomato plants in pots. The wild gardens get along with what ever moisture comes their way.  It all seems simpler that way:)

July 2001

July 2001

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