Chance : Stranger Danger

Hiya!  It is me Chance.  I am in charge today! Far Side is really busy at the museum this week.  She says the ducks should be in a row but a crisis can appear at any moment.  I could help her herd those ducks..but I heard a rumor that I will be allowed to help greet people for a little while one day this week!!  I love being the official greeter! My tail wags ninety miles an hour when I see someone come in the door..then I sit to be petted.  Some people don’t like least that is what Far Side says..I don’t understand why ..but I guess it is true.  If someone is afraid of dogs, I can usually win them over.

I don’t have stranger danger, I love everyone.  When I was very little I was raised with a family with lots of little kids.  When Far Guy and Far Side took me home they took me everywhere and let all kinds of people touch me and pet me..big hands and little hands, I also spent time in the nursing home visiting..until they got their own dog.  I am not afraid of automatic doors or wheel chairs or walkers.  At the nursing home I would always sit nicely to be petted.

The beautiful Miney has stranger danger.  Miney belongs to my sister.  Miney loves Far Guy and Far Side…but anyone one else is a stranger and she will turn tail and run and look for a place to hide.


Now Little Elvis..he is something else.  He wants to do what ever Miney and I do.  If he follows Miney around too much, she growls at him…so then he follows me around. He has stranger danger too..but he is more curious about strangers than Miney is.

The pack

Mostly we are a real happy pack when we are all together!  Can you tell that we are looking at Far Guy ?  We all adore him because he plays ball for a really long time:)


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3 Responses to Chance : Stranger Danger

  1. Karen says:

    The tri colour Sheltie looks like our dog Maggie did.
    We had a dog, Godzilla who like me, my husband & my dad. I don’t ever want to be in that situation again. It’s awful.
    Made me realize how important socialization is to dogs.
    What a beautiful trio of dogs!

  2. barb white says:

    we have 2 shelties that look identical to the tri color and the sable riley male sable, and taz tri color female. couldn’t live without them. she is the alpha female;

  3. SHARRON says:

    Hiya Chance. You are one mighty fine lo0king pet. Beautiful!

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