Chasing Rainbows

There was a line of thunderstorms headed our way one night.  We took off in the rain to get on the other side of it to look for a rainbow…or the pot of gold.

It was raining really hard, and the rain was cold.  Far Guy said something about “Let the wet T Shirt contest begin.”  Funny man I married.  Anyways we waited..then the rain let up a bit and the bow started to first you think your eyes are playing tricks on you..but then the bow gains color.

Bow one

This was a double bow.  Even Chance was excited..I wonder if he saw what we did?  Possibly he was just excited because we were oohing and ahhing.

Bow one continued

Yessiree that pot of gold is at Barb and Rogers.

top of the bow

Here is the top of the bow proof that it went all the way over.

Double Rainbow

My best shot of the double bow.  That pot of gold was in Donnie’s lake.

So much for date night this week…chasing bows with my best beau:)

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  1. Karen says:

    Sounds like a pretty good date night to me.

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