Far Guy has his tomatoes in a wagon.

Tomatoes July 17

He likes to put them in a wagon so that he can wheel them into his garage if the weather turns wicked. They have some flowers and some small tomatoes.  I told him to lop the tall one off… he ignored me.

We saw a great little wagon at the fair.

Wagon at the Fair

It has turned real cool here. Cool as in high of 65 F or 18 C yesterday, with an overnight low of 46 F or 7 C.  Just a tad chilly for July in Minnesota.  Of course it is still warm in the museum from the hot weather last week.  It has been a very busy week at the museum with Silent Movies, Root Beer Floats on Main Street and a Rummage Sale in the basement.  With the cool weather many people have found their way to the museum.  Nine weeks left… the countdown has begun:)

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2 Responses to Wagons

  1. Karen says:

    Thunder Bay was 10 celsius yesterday. Feels like fall.
    We used to have a radio flyer wagon that we rescued from the dump. I planned to put flowers in it, but my husband gave it to our niece. She’s 16 now & the wagon is long gone. Wish I had it.

  2. June says:

    I still have my kids Radio Flyer Wagon, and it still works. It has to be 40+ years old. It was brought out a few years ago for my granddaughter to play with during her annual summer visit. It is also used to move heavy clay pots around in the fall, when they head for their winter resting spot.

    I would love to paint it, but it is all original, so I am resisting tampering with it.


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