Theatre, Opera and a Whine

The Theatre was really enjoyable, one of my cousin’s daughters had a part in Dixie Swim Club..what a hoot.  Even Far Guy enjoyed it.

But the Opera..oh Lordy.  B.O.R.I.N.G. I kept falling asleep.  The group scenes were wonderful but the scenes with two singers singing forth and back, back and forth..just lulled me to sleep. Three hours of singing was a tad much for me to endure. Far Guy and I concurred that if we had been there by ourselves we would have left at intermission and saved ourselves some misery. We had four friends in the production and one relative…they all performed is not their fault that we have little or no appreciation of really fine musical productions.

I was supposed to have Saturday off to attend a family reunion..but no one volunteered to work for me.  Such is life.  Today my supposed day off is full of meetings and programs late in the day. I am tired.  Last week was pretty much “hell week” at the museum…early openings because of the rummage sale…not enough volunteers to go around…board members that assured me they would show up but “forgot.”  They forget that they are supposed to be part of a team, and a team is only as strong as it’s weakest link. I am  real tired of leading the blind and there is no way I can send enough messages to the one with dementia, the two in absentia are no help at all and one shows up every Tuesday to tell me he is way too busy to be bothered with museum “stuff.”  That leaves me with two active Board members…thank goodness for those two.  2/7 is better than 0/7

Have you ever thought you were in a real slow boat headed nowhere?:(IMG_0519

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