Wistful Wednesday: The Grain Bin

Back in 1998  the grain bin was put together piece by piece.  It was just like a big jigsaw puzzle.  It was a team effort one of us would be on the outside shoving the bolts inside where they got a nut, then they got tightened up whilst the person on the inside held the nut in place with a box end wrench.

During the winter 1998/1999 while wintering in Florida we ran onto a fishing net on a private beach.  We dug part of the net out one day, got too tired and hot and returned the next day to finish digging it out. We let it dry out and shook most of the sand from it, but it was still really heavy.  It was draped around the grain bin in the spring of 1999.

Like I said before we use the grain bin for storage.  Lord only knows what is really in there.

Grain Bin 2000

This photo was taken in 2000.  We edged the bin garden with little logs of Oak.

Grain Bin 2000 view two

This was the year we planted Morning Glory ‘Heavenly Blue’ around the whole thing.  Too bad I didn’t get a photo when they were in bloom.

Grain Bin 2001

This was the other side of the grain bin the year I ordered too many Non Stop Begonias.  Someplace I have some photographs of the Honeysuckle Trumpet Vine that grew wonderfully a few years..then it got a bug and died.  I tried to grow fancy varieties of Clematis to climb up that homemade ladder several years with no luck.  My two old lumberjack saws have been retired to the garage.

Grain Bin July 26 2013


The old fishing net is still there.  The vine Clematis paniculata or Sweet Virgin’s Bower is growing well and is beginning to spread northward.

Virgins Bower

It is in full bloom now, it smells wonderful.   Originally I got this “start” of a plant from my good friend Faye.  The vine dies back to the ground every year, it sends up new shoots every spring which we try to help by tucking it into the old fishing net:)

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  1. kay syvrud says:

    Hi Farside…it has been a long and strange (difficult) summer. I am recuperating from a broken ankle at one of my son’s homes in Fargo.

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