Goodbye July

So long July.  The rushing around, hurry up summer is half over month. It doesn’t feel like July or August in Minnesota.  It is unseasonably cool with daytime highs about 75 F or 23 C and overnight lows around 50 F or 10 C.

The cool temperatures bring more people into the museum.  I have more interruptions and get less done.  I met a gal from another museum last week..she couldn’t believe that I was the only person on staff.  She clearly understands what it takes day to day to run a museum. They have three people on staff and one tour guide.  Peachy.  They also get six times the funding from their county.

I accidently ran into all the County Commissioners exiting the building next door, I stood there and shook their hands like a good politician would, one of the A$$ holey ones was on his phone..I stood my ground and made him shake my hand anyway.  I invited them all to the museum, of course they won’t show up..they are too busy with the many million dollar renovation to their building…and I cannot get freaking carpeting or new door jams.  The door jams are a big tripping hazard…someone will break a hip someday.

I am getting burned out..can you tell?  I have eight weeks and three days left until I close the doors for the winter.  I still don’t have a contract in place…the Board is still working on it..I think they must be in a deadlock about the raise I asked for last APRIL.  They are real movers and shakers.  One of the Board members wants to continue monthly evening programs throughout the winter. I said “Go for it.”

So goodbye July..Hello August.  I am ready for you.

The small grains are turning color.


The Common Milkweed and the Goldenrods are in full bloom.



I am not seeing Monarchs or Monarch larvae at all this year.  There is plenty of Milkweed…I wonder what happened to them all.  I will collect some Common Milkweed pods this Fall because I saw a cute Christmas Ornament that uses the empty pods:)

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3 Responses to Goodbye July

  1. kmarkon says:

    Very few monarchs in N Wisconsin also. I think it is just a bad year for them because of the late spring. By contrast, we had a huge amount of all kinds of butterflies in 2012.

  2. Dale says:

    Politics Sucks

  3. Miki says:

    I’ve not seen much for butterflies this year either here in North Dakota. I pay attention to that as we used to collect butterflies as a family while I was growing up; so I don’t just see a butterfly, I know what kind it is. So far, I’ve seen one monarch, two cabbage butterflies, and a dead sulfer. I saw one morning glory back in May. It was like this 2-3 years ago, too, few if any butterflies floating around.

    At least there hasn’t been much for houseflies. Not too many dragonflies either; don’t know why on that one because there are certainly enough mosquitoes around for dragonfly meals.

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