Music in Menahga

You wouldn’t expect much from the little berg of Menahga ( pronounced MEN aw gah).  Population at the last census of 1,306 Finns.  Menahga means “blueberry bush” in the Chippewa language and the Blueberry River runs through town.


The town was able to snag one of those fancy smancy grants from an Art Council and they have been having a series of concerts on Friday nights all summer. (Bringing arts and culture to the backwoods.)

Far Guy and I had a date night!  By the way all these concerts are free..they did pass a bucket, in hopes that they will raise enough money to continue the music series next summer.   It is a simple venue, the band sits on a flat bed trailer near Spirit Lake, and the concert goers bring their own chairs.  Neighbors Steve and Jo went along with date night!


The music was wonderful, a blend of Irish and Celtic music by a band called Ring of Kerry.  It was a beautiful relaxing evening looking out over the lake as the sun set. Did I say the band was awesome?  Well they were and you all know the only music I am half fond of is old rock and roll.

Spirit Lake

Can you imagine how songs about drinkin’ and sailin’ and fighting over land along a river could entertain a bunch of Finlanders?  Maybe we all had a hard week and it was just nice to sit in a chair and be entertained! :)

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