Hat Box Surprise!

Recently I found a hat box at a garage sale.  I lifted the cover off and discovered six hats inside.  Perfect for a little girl I know.

She didn’t know what kind of a box it was..but now she has her very own hat box.

Hat box bigger thn Aubrey Of course we had to have a hat show!

Maroon Hat

They were very fancy hats in their day.

Purple Hat

Trying on hats can mess up your hair.  This one was cotton.

Straw Hat

Of course one was woven..kinda a straw hat.

There were three black hats.  One with a bow, one with a chain and one was more of a boys derby..which she said she would give to her brothers..maybe.

Her favorite hat

This one was her favorite, I think she liked the silky bow…and it might be on backwards.  But hey..you never can tell what may become a fashion trend next.

Aubrey is our Great Niece and she lives next door.

I have several hat boxes, just another of those things I collect..to put other “stuff” in.  None of my hat boxes have hats in them.  No surprise there.  I like them because they hold “stuff” in a pretty way.

In the day when hats were the norm, a hat box design was almost as important as the hat.  A hat box protected the hat from dust, sunlight and moths. A hat box was meant to hold just one hat…not six..except if you are a little girl:)

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2 Responses to Hat Box Surprise!

  1. Katrina says:

    Aubrey and the Hat Box – this would start a lovely child’s story! How charming she and the hats are. Thank you!

  2. Karen says:

    That does sound like a good children’s story.

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