Chance: Self Serve Dog Spa

Yes, you heard that right.  Far Side found a place you can take a dog for a bath and not make a huge mess at home.  Far Side said I wasn’t quite as handsome as I could be, and she thought my fur felt grungy.  I had to curtail the big chipmunk hunt.  She made Far Guy come along to the “spa.”

I have been to that place before. The last time I was left there for the afternoon.  This time I walked right into THAT room and up the ramp into the shower..I astounded them all.  Well I am a Border Collie and we are pretty smart as dogs go.

Well…they double teamed me…what Far Guy wasn’t washing Far Side was rinsing.  The “Spa” provides the hypoallergenic shampoo that I needed and towels …lots of towels.  Then I was blown dry.  Far Side finally said “Gosh you feel good to pet again.” She looked funny covered in hair.   I guess I am “blowing my coat”..otherwise known as shedding a lot…most likely from the hot spell we had a few weeks back.


After the bathWe came home and they brushed and brushed..until I was deemed the most handsome Border Collie in all of the Midwest Minnesota.

I went right back to chipmunk patrol duty.

Waiting for chippys

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2 Responses to Chance: Self Serve Dog Spa

  1. Karen says:

    I’d go with most handsome in the Midwest.

  2. Sharron says:

    Hiya Chance.. My goodness, do you look beautiful! Far Side and Far Guy are pretty darn good to you, but I know you deserve all the love and attention.

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