Count Down : Six Weeks

Six weeks until I can close the museum doors. This week will be a hot one, we have heat and humidity. Temperatures will be 90 degrees F today (32 C).

I have much to finish up in six weeks. Programs to plan for next year. “Stuff” to be accessioned. Shelves to be cleared off. Perhaps even the “stuff” under my desk that has been sitting there for years will find a home. ( It was all “stuff” I inherited from the last Director.)

The last Thursday noon program is this week. They have been a success but I won’t be doing them next year. If someone else wants to volunteer to find the speakers and be there to greet people and be in charge..GFI…Go For It. I have proved it can be done, it will bring more people into the museum and it is a great community outreach effort. However even I have limitations. It takes too much time away from my other duties.

I have met some marvelous new people this summer, and some of my old favorites have returned. Mary and Larry read my blog and stopped by to meet me! It was a pleasure to visit with them! My good buddy Jimmy from Lincoln Nebraska, the kid who wants to be a museum curator returned for his third summer, he noticed the changes and complimented me on the displays that had been improved! Not many adults notice…leave to a kid! Kayla who is like my shadow on days she volunteers also wants to be a museum curator when she grows up. The last time she came in to volunteer she missed time at a local amusement park…how many kids would do that? People that come in and at the end of their visit say “Wow, we didn’t realize you had so much cool stuff in this building!” Those are the people I enjoy…that is what keeps me going… at least for six more weeks.

Photos and the rest of this blog post can be found in the link below.  Area Voices is experiencing some difficulties.


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