Chance : At The Lake

Far Side was in a foul mood…too much museum…too many stupid people. Before dinner she refused phone calls, she told Far Guy to tell whoever called that she was dead. ( My sister did not believe that for a minute.) After dinner she said “Chance and I are going to the lake!” Boy OH Boy! I am ready and at the door. Let’s go! Hurry up Far Guy! She has on her plastic shoes! (Well she has them on all the time in the summer…just incase she goes into the water.)

The first lake was too dirty…I cried when we left. I wasn’t allowed out of the car and Far Side didn’t even put one foot in the water.

The second lake was a go! YES! No green algae, no summer bloom, no yucky weeds with brown goo.

The rest of this post cane be found HERE.  Area voices is having issues.

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  1. Karen says:

    A dog makes everything better. I enjoy the one we have and miss the one we lost last month more than I can say.

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